How to use

  1. Click on the "Statistics"  at the top of the screen.
  2. Click the "Sign in with Google" button, do the login.
  3. Analysis results are displayed. By change of "Calendar ID" or "StartDate" or "EndDate", and then click "Recount" button, you can change the calendar and the period.

For calendar content analysis

  • We aggregate the sum of the time of the title of the Google calendar.
  • Maximum period of time that can be analyzed is one year.
  • "all day" event will be aggregated excluded.

How much does cost?

Cost does not occur. This site is managed by advertising revenue.

About Security

In this site, We are using HTTPS. Communications information is encrypted. Additionally, your Google account information and Google calendar data are not stored at all.

About the browser which can be used

PC browser:Chrome,Internet Explorer(9.0~),Safari,Firefox,Opera, etc.
SmartPhone browser:Chrome,Safari,Firefox, etc.


We ask that you are responsible for your use of this site.

Opinions and requests

Please contact the following e-mail address.


We remade the entire site in https.
We fixed a bug that occurs at a specific timing after login.
We changed the chosen calendar ID to the default of the Google account at the time of login first.
We extended the period which can be analyzed from three months to one year.

We fixed a bug that occurs when "all day" events are registered.
The site was released.